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First Aid Kit Metal ANSI Z308.1-2015 Type 3 Class B

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Your Price: $72.00
Item Number: FA3B3020
Manufacturer: BCS Pro Products
Manufacturer Part No: FA3B3020
Are your Type-3 Class B First Aid Kits REALLY Compliant ?? Ours Are!

If you are engaged in Heavy Industry, Construction or other work where there is significant potential for moderate to severe injury you owe it to yourself and your staff to have a Class B Kit on site.

We take first aid very seriously. Many kits claiming Class B Compliance are cutting corners, we assume because they do not know better or they are too concerned with their price point.

If your Class B Kit has the same little blue 1" rubber band that they use when you give blood, then your kit is NOT COMPLAINT. That is a VENOUS tourniquet intended to restrict flow of venous blood back to the body. ANSI Z308.1-2015 specifically calls for an ARTERIAL Tourniquet. Quoting the text

" Tourniquet. A tight, wide band placed around an arm or a leg to constrict blood in order to stop flow through an artery."

Our Class B kits feature the SWAT-T Touniquet, an easy to use, independently studied and published, versatile and highly effective arterial tourniquet that has been proven effective in real world situations. Saving $10-$15 on a first aid kit is not worth someones life.

BCS Pro Products uses only high quality first run (No military surplus) supplies in our kits. Each kit is packed with care by one of our trained staff. We do not build kits months, even weeks in advance. Most kits are built at time of order from carefully rotated stock.


  • #36 Metal Enclosure with Weather Seal
  • (50) Adhesive Bandage 1" x 3" Flexible Fabric
  • (2) Adhesive Tape 1/2" x 2.5yd
  • (25) Triple Antibiotic Ointment .5 gram pouch
  • (1) CPR Shield
  • (2) Gel Soaked Burn Dressing 4" x 4"
  • (25) Burn Gel .9 gram pouch
  • (2) Cold Pack Instant 4" x 5"
  • (2) Eye Dressings with Tape Strips
  • (1) Eye and Wound Wash 4oz
  • (1) First Aid Guide
  • (10) Hand Sanitizer .057oz Pouch
  • (4) Nitrile Exam Glove Pair Large (XL Available on Request)
  • (2) Gauze Roll 2"
  • (1) Gauze Roll 4"
  • (1) Lister Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors 3.5"
  • (1) Flexible Splint 4.5" x 24"
  • (4) Gauze Dressing (Sponge) 3" x 3" Sterile 2 Pack
  • (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet
  • (4) Absorbent Dressing (ABD) 5" x 9"
  • (2) Triangular Bandage (Woven) With Pins
  • (50) Antiseptic BZK Towlette
  • ANSI Required Labeling including Required Content Labeling.
  • Small Items are Packed In Zip Closure Bags for Organization

    All Refill Items Available Individually

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