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Trauma / First Aid / Bleed Stop Kits

Big Country Supply, BCS Medical and BCS Pro Med Kits are designed and filled at BCS with Factory Fresh Product. We never use surplus product.

Kits are designated by the Content that have.

  • TRAUMA "T"
  • ACTIVE SHOOTER "ASRK" (Find in Bleeding Control Cateory)
  • Many kits are combinations of 2 or 3 categories.

    Third Party Built Kits are in a category by themselves. They will always drop ship from the manufacturer to you.
    BCS is not responsible for final content of third party kits as we do not control when or how they change their specifications.

    Bleeding Control and Active Shooter Kits
    ""BC", "BS", "ASRK" Bleeding Control & Active Shooter Kits are designed for major bleeding emergencies. ALWAYS CALL 9112
    Trauma Kits
    "T" Trauma Kit Contents are designed for initial care of Moderate to Severe Injury prior to care by a medical professional. ALWAYS Call 911
    First Aid Kits
    "FA" First Aid Kits are for Minor Injuries that you will treat yourself and may or May not seek further medical care.
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