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Big Country Supply
Special Order Policy

We here at Big Country Supply firmly believe that making items available that can not reasonably be stocked, is an important part of what a full service distributor should do.

We could just tell you to call us, but often times, since most e-tailers will not offer slow moving items or items that by nature are special order, you may not even know they exist.

We get calls every day from customers that have been to web sites and catalogs for weeks looking for a solution to a problem, but since that solution is not a “Top Seller” no one offers it. Often they give up, call us for something they have seen that they intend to make work, tell us what they are doing and we suggest another less common, but more workable solution. We hear, “you mean they can do that?” a lot. We want to put an end to “close enough”.

So, Slow Moving, Custom Ordered, and Very Heavy items that can not be stocked are offered throughout our web site. They are clearly marked SPECIAL ORDER or SHIPS FACTORY DIRECT.

Here is our Policy regarding this important part of our service.

(1) Don’t order special order items unless you want them.
There will be a restock fee if we have to send them back.
Factory restock fees can be rough.

(2) Don’t order a special order item online if you are in a hurry.
We will process your order promptly but even the factories do not keep most of these items made up, so there will be production time + transit time.

If you need a special order item in a hurry, CALL US BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER, tell us what you need and when you need it. Let us see what we can do. We do have a little pull with some of these factories. If we can meet your deadline we’ll tell you. If we can not, we’ll tell you. We see no gain in jerking you around to get an order. We’d rather send you off to someone else with honesty so you will come back to us another day.

(3) Realize we are not the factories.
Even when we obtain factory delivery estimates, sometimes things happen that we at BCS can not control. We do our best and will keep a communication channel open with you regarding your order.

That’s it. Pretty Simple Isn’t It?

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